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I was about 22 or 23 and it was the summer time. I was already mega into cross dressing and web-chatting for older gentlemen, but only then for the internet. hungry for someone to touch or hold me for real, I began to search craigslist for older men hosting or looking for other men,. I would send them pictures of me dressed in thongs and stockings and await responses. One afternoon, I got this older dude, and he sent a yahoo link as well.,. so I promptly added him and began to video chat. He said he liked my outfit and wondered if I wanted to come over to his apartment, which wasn't far from where I was staying. I said yes. Instant butterflies,. the thought ran through my head what i had just agreed to,. and my heart couldn't stop beating,. I was going to go through with it.

So I quickly threw on some male pants, shirt, and shoes with my stockings garter and panties underneath. It was sunny, warm and peaceful as I walked down through the park to meet up with this guy I found via craigslist, and yahoo instant messenger. As I walked up to his apartment I thought is this the place?,. I didn't have a cell phone and just ran out with his information via email... I was a bit nervous,. I checked the numbers of the building and it was the right one.,. I had the apt number as well,. So I walked into the building surprised it was already propped open, I felt a mischievous element come over me,. I wanted to meet this guy, have him look at me in women's underwear,. grope me, and maybe fuck me,. I had also wondered what sucking a cock would be like,. what would it taste like,. I walked up to the apt door i had been given and gave it a few polite taps.

This grey haired older gentlemen opens the door,. and immediately exclames "i didn't think you'd show up",. and gave a dirty old chuckle,. he directed me into his room as there was another person in his apartment,. I had questions but wanted to see what would happen...

We walked into his room,. it was a light blue color with a large window over his bed,..

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