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Xmas pet

I never got anything from my father for xmas or bday since I started leaning toward my feminine side. I knew something is strange when I got up on xmas morning and saw some presents. He does buy me clothes he sometimes wants me to wear at home but that's never a gift - more like a strange punishment (or at least he thinks he's punishing me most of the time). I was too afraid to open them before he wakes up, they might not be for me after all, so I did my chores around the house until he woke up. When he did I could see on his face the disappointing. I instantly knew he expected me to open them so he can have another reason for punishing me. For a moment I thought of this as a small victory. He calmly told me to open them and see what I got. The first package was 3 large bowls which made me a bit confused. The next package was a collar, leash, and a butt-plug with a tail. I could already see where this was leading. The third and largest was a DIY kit cage for dogs and a shovel. Everything was clear for me except the shovel. This was another way for my father to humiliate me in hope I'll give up hormones and be "normal". I think he never realized the way back is not so easy. To be honest I loved the idea of pet play even though I knew he will make it hard for me. I made a perfect scared face hoping that it will hide my enthusiasm. I was close to smiling when he said to me to try these things on to see "if they fit me". I've put on the collar and he forced me to use no lube for the butt plug. It did hurt but it was a smaller one so I managed to push it in. Then he had put on the leash and forced me on all fours saying that for punishment for being a cheap slut (that excuse he used often) I'll have to be his pet until NYE. Then he stated the rules: I am to walk on all my four while at home completely naked (except the pet accessories), I will eat and drink only from these bowls and on the floor, if I have to use the toilet I'll have to go outside and do it there and I will have to bury my shit when I'm done (thus the small shovel), I will sleep on a blanket next to the radiator, and I will not talk because pets do not talk.

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