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Who's on the Couch Now?

I’d started therapy to help me deal with a small anger problem. As I thought. A few hours of finding out why I was angry, together with a bit of instruction on how to change my thinking, and Bob’s your uncle.

Like fuck! She said that could not be done so easily – we would really, really have to find out what causes the anger before we do anything. Oh no!

I had been really glad that Patricia, the therapist, was the same sex as I, seeing as I, a heterosexual female (with a few little doubts about that one) would not be in any danger of falling in love with her. Right…

We soon found out that the gender in my head was quite different from that in my body. Ok……so….that means….that I can love women, as a red-blooded heterosexual male! As someone who had tried always to be a ‘good little girl’ and really worried about the occasional attraction to women I found that very interesting. So that’s why I found women’s breasts so interesting? That’s why I had no interest in those attached to my body?

The inevitable happened. I began having fantasies about Patricia and her body. In fact, this had happened before I ever knew about gender benders. In one of the early sessions she wore a tight, short black dress, and high black boots. As she sat down opposite me her knees seemed like right in my face! Jeezus, was this necessary? My mind crawled up her legs, past her knees, right to the top of her legs and wanted to explore what lay beyond. A tuft of golden pubic hair? It wanted to spread those legs and insert itself into her hard mound and suck all those hot juices out of her!

Time moved on, fantasies grew. I regularly imagined myself and my body being caressed by her, sucking the milk from her breasts, being bathed, dressed and loved by her.

Then, one day, she came into the room wearing a very low-cut dress, clearly showing her boobs as rather more substantial than I had ever imagined. I had to redraw the whole of her body map! But not at this moment – I could feel my tool harden between my legs. Oh no!

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