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When Fantasy Comes True

I have always had this fantasy to be the object of lust for two trannies. But never till date did I think I had it in me to fulfill the fantasy or be ever so lucky.

I had one night been invited over by a trans friend for a few drinks. I went over with a bottle of vodka and a few beers. When I reached there there we two other trans friends of hers one her flatmate and another I had never met before. We drank and I cooked for them and my trans friend came and rubbed me when ever she could while I cooked. We were all having a great time. I thought this was a fun and chilling time, but the best was yet to come.

We had just finished food and the dessert I had made and I was on the sofa chair with my friend on the arm rest leaning over me. When the new friend of her came and stood behind me. We were all drunk and she started playing with my hair.

Suddenly my trans friend kissed me on the lips real tight and held my cock. This other friend of hers started to rub my chest and now came and stood in front of us. This itself was very cool for me, but I was unaware of what was coming but very hopeful of it.

Once my friend got done with that never ending kiss, her friend came closer to my mouth with her dick out of her skirt. She pressed it against my lips and I happily obliged by taking it in my mouth and starting to suck it like the whore I am.
My trans friend Jenni, started to unbutton me and took of my pants and underwear revealing my hard cock and excited hole. She started to suck me while I was sucking her friend wildly.

Jenni then stood up and put her cock also in my mouth. This was the first time in my life when I had two hot trannies stuff their hot cock in my mouth at the same time. They tasted sooo god. And the precum was just satisfying my pallet.

Jenni pulled her cock out and spread my legs and said. Ready for a ride my bitch ... Oh I was to turned on ... With her friends cock still in my mouth all I could say was aammhmn...

She licked my hole first for a while and then stuffed me with her sexy cock. My fantasy had come true ... I had two hot trannies now feasting over me ... One deep in my mouth and one deep in my ass... I was in heaven.

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