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What do you do on a first date?

Well, first thing Id like to do is have us both get naked and take a shower. Id get you all lathered up in soapy suds and start to shave you all over. So nice to have someone get to those hard to reach places. Your stiff cock would be firmly in my grasp as I carefully shaved your penis and nutsack. Id bend you over as my razor scraped across your behind and scrotum. My slippery hands would be exploring your entire body, in firm sensuous caresses, as I hunted down any errant hairs. Id then hand you the razor so you could do the same to me. Id thrill at the touch of your hand on my thigh as you brought the razor close to my erect penis. After you finished with me, we would put on robes, and towels around our heads in turbins, and go into the bedroom. Everything would be laid out; wigs, make up, lingerie, shoes, as our transformation would soon commence. Before we start, I undo the front of your robe, then undo mine. I take you in my arms and kiss you, our damp, smooth, bodies pressed against each other. We can feel each others throbbing cocks as we embrace, and our lips hungrily explore each other.............

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