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Virginia’s Luxurious Evening

West Palm Beach didn’t have many cold snaps, but when one did rake the city the weather seemed twice as frigid as it actually was. Virginia Stanton sat alone in her office on the third floor of Prism Design’s building overlooking the Intra-coastal Waterway. She had been chilly all day, mainly because of the dampness in the air; Forty-eight degrees outside wasn’t all that cold. Factor in the wind and cold breath of the Atlantic Ocean, however, and chilly became outright icy.

The tall blonde set down the file and her ballpoint pen, wearily reached up to unfasten the simple clips that held back a mass of heavy golden waves from her face, and shook out her hair. Relief flooded her; she reached into her lower right desk drawer to grab her brush, closed her eyes, and began to slowly brush out the waist-length mass of hair that fell like a cape over her back and shoulders.

Virginia had just passed her second year of employment with Prism as their associate director of design for their highly successful line of intimate jewelry. She had suggested to design manager Rhyce Bennett the name for the line, Pussy Pins. From its inception by Virginia and with Rhyce’s complete support, the line of sensuous jewelry for men and women had been more successful than any of them could have imagined in their most farfetched business projections. By its second anniversary this section of Prism Designs had expanded to carry a wide variety of other sexually stimulating devices and items for sensuous public display, a line that included dildos, rosebuds, inserts, fragrances and creams.

Its market now included well-known stores marketing sensual apparel, mall kiosks and counters specializing in jewelry, and more intimate shops that carried the jewelry and provided piercing services for those who desired virtually any sort of display.

One night two years before she had been without a date, unable to sleep because of having drunk what seemed a gallon of coffee, and sitting before a television carrying so little across the expanse of channels that it lent new meaning to the term ‘vast wasteland.’

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