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I started towards the local theater in my Chevy Corsica to see the midnight showing of some sort of vampire movie. I guess it was a love story where this one girl falls in love with a vampire and vice versa. Oh well... supposedly the books were popular, so might as well see what all of the hype is about. I pulled into the theater parking lot and parked far away, avoiding the cars of the teenage retards who drove like maniacs. I cussed under my breath at the howling, Caucasian g-unit wannabes as I coasted into the warm theater's ticket room. There were always annoying teenage guys at every midnight showing. They were right behind me and I thought I heard them trying to diss me. Or at least I wanted for them to insult me so that I would have an excuse to teach them some manners. I turned around, making a furious expression and got into the face of the first guy, who seemed to be the leader of the pack.

"Got a problem?" I practically growled at him. His eyes went wide and he looked shocked and afraid. "Didn't think so," I said, turning back around with a snicker on my face. I chuckled when I heard his friends.

"Dude, that's the last time we call a guy gay behind his back at a chick flick. I mean, Jesus! We almost got the shit kicked out of us!" Even though they tried to whisper it, I heard every word.

I walked up to the ticket clerk and the earth went still. She was so beautiful! Her bright green eyes locked with mine. I was frozen by her stare. Her black hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but a few long, thick bangs went down the side of her face. Her skin was darker; she must be Latina. I felt my lungs building in pressure and I realized that I forgot to breathe. I took in a breath and walked closer, but it was all in slow motion. She must have noticed my awestruckness because she smiled widely and perked up in her chair. Her ultra white teeth gleamed in perfect straightness and her tongue flashed across her perfect lips as she bit down on her lower one. I started eyeing her body, too, and I was equally captivated by her figure as I was by her face. Every inch of her was perfect! Her burgundy usher's vest fit her tightly, but still left too much to the imagination of her figure. I wanted to see more. I needed to see more! I was up to the glass divider now and she spoke into the microphone on her side.

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