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I used to work at a place that has a locker room and showers. A guy I worked with had a locker right next to mine. Everyday after work I would find my way to the locker room and would be hit with an over powering smell of sweaty balls and I would sit down on the bench in front of my locker. My friend would always come in and stand right next to me and he would peel off his stinky clothes and I loved it when he peeled off his under shorts because he has the most beautiful freckle covered uncut cock. He had the most beautiful patch of thick curly red pubic hair! It made my cock so stiff and it would jerk and twitch and throb. I couldn't wait to get home so I jack off and all I thought about was suckibg his beautiful cock. I hope some day I get the chance to suck a beautiful cock till it explodes all over my face or inside of me. Please somebody message me and let me suck your cock asap!!!! Please please please!!!!

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