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One evening I was online when someone wanted to start a chat with me. It was a bi guy who enjoyed cross dressing and having viewed his online profile I said "Hi" and we got to talking.

He was married guy named Mike and he had a very understanding wife who allowed him to meet men and allow him to explore his feminine side by dressing up. His wife did not participate with him and none of his explorations happened at home.

During our chat he explained he'd just bought a pair of long, nearly thigh high, boots and he longed to be fucked whilst wearing them. He was off that week and wondered if I wanted to meet up with him for some daytime fun. I said I'd love to but I'd have to arrange a day off work but I promised I'd get
back to him the following day.

The following evening Mike was online and I told him I'd been able to take the Friday off and so we arranged to meet at a pub close to my home that opened early.

One the Friday morning I made my way to the pub both anxious and excited. I'd never met a tv or cd before but I knew from chatting to Mike he was the right person to introduce me to this area of sexuality. It was only 9am and the pub was very quiet. There was only a pensioner and the barman and so I paid for a drink and sat down at a table. After about five minutes Mike came in. He was 5'6 with black hair and of a medium build. I made my way to the bar and said "Hi, what do you want to drink ?". "A pint of lager" was his reply and so I ordered and paid for this and then motioned him to my table.

We sat down next to each other and Mike put his large holdall on the seat next to him. I'd already guessed it contained his clothes and he confirmed this. We chatted about nothing of any importance whilst we drank our drinks and when we
finished I said "Shall we ?" "Love to" was Mike's reply.

We left the pub and made quick work of the short trip to my flat. Once inside I gave Mike a quick tour of the place and he said he wanted to go and get changed. I indicated he could do this in the spare bedroom. He departed with a "Don't start without me".

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