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True story, TS 3-way

This is a true story. It was a typical night in Pattaya Thailand and I'm still recovering from the 25 hour flight from Tennessee to Bangkok that I flew just days before. After a few days in BKK, I arrange for a hotel car to me to Pattaya, a seedy explosion of lights, blaring music and drunken excitement, street venders and more nationalities than I can shake a stick at. I can't help but be reminded of the town in the sci-fi channel’s Defiance series, a wild west type town full of space aliens, freaks and mutants. Here there are Chinese, Japanese, Swiss, East Indian, Brit ex-pats and a shit-load of Russian tourists. That is, average looking Russian dudes and the most drop-dead gorgeous Russian pussy you've ever seen in your life. (They're on a cheap vacation, so the guys bring along free pussy, and no doubt it's all expenses paid for these lookers). And, of course, there are the mutants...beautiful ones, the “Ex-Men”. In my hotel room, I break my generic Viagra down the center and chew up one of the halves and hold the nasty cherry flavored spit soup under my tongue for 5 minutes before swallowing. In an hour I’ll be rocket man. I plan on visiting my favorite bar, Obsessions on soi (alley) 13/4 just off beach rd. I prep myself, flushing and stretching my asshole with toys and gather my rubbers and lube just in case someone forgets or runs out. Just off Beach Rd, I walk down the seedy alley, potholes filled with rainwater, the occasional ladyboys walking about asking "where u go? I go with you". There are two ladyboys sitting on benches outside the bar. I walk in and am escorted to a booth. All eyes are on me as there is one other customer in the bar, and he has a LB on each arm. I like to arrive fairly early (about 8pm) so as to not miss out on the lookers. There’s about 10 beautiful brass poll technicians dancing on stage of all varieties, from beautiful small schoolgirl-dressed femboys with asses like two touching apples on a plate, to stocky tall girls with bulging cock hammocks, and every type of T-girl in between.

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