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Since childhood I liked to wear women's clothes, underwear and shoes for high heels.I wanted to be be treated by men as a woman.
When I was 15 I went through sexual initiation. Man-my father neighbor- dressed me as a woman, I did my makeup and women wearing raped me in his arms.
I met with this man several times. I always had wet panties,tights and dress from the sperm of this man .The man was about 40 years old,strong and 200 cm tall.
Bought me for sex ladies clothes, cosmetics, shoes with high heels, he lead my to the beauty salon for pernament makeup. My Mom was happy with that, because She always wanted to have a daughter.She also liked my man.Because she was also tall-182 cm
She also sucked dick of my man together with me several times.My father was outraged.He is small-164cm. One time my Big Man gave him a lesson. Also made ​​him a woman. Dilapidated him dressed in girl's underwear, stockings and shoes with 14 cm heels, wore a wig and make-up done. Raped a variety of ways. After the incident, my dad also started wearing girl's clothes and looking like a small female.Now she(my dad) likes to suck dicks and drink sperm.

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