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Transexual brothel

While I was on vacation, I went to a famous brothel. It was a large place with several different bars, a room with stripers, a video bar. etc. I wondered around for a while taking it all in. I settled down in a little quiet bar with a classic old black-and-white porno movie playing on the TV. I was propositioned by several women, but they didn't really turn me on so I turned them down.

I nice-looking woman set down at the bar across from me. She was a little older than me, probably in her mid-thirties. She didn't look like a hooker. She looked nice. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I went over and set next to her. Her name was Alicia. She didn't proposition me. We just had a nice conversation. I ordered another round of drinks. She was drinking Tequila Sunrises and I was drinking rum and coke.

We talked. We joked. We laughed. I put my hand on Alicia's knee. She smiled. I slid my hand up her thigh, beyond the top of her stockings. She squeezed my hand tightly between her warm thighs, placed her arms around me, and whispered in my ear, "Let's go upstairs for a lot more." She gave my ear a little flick with her tongue and I melted.

We slid of the bar stools and I tipped the bartender well. He gave me a big smile and a knowing wink as we turned away. We wondered down the hall and upstairs where I rented a room from a man behind a cage. He smiled real big as he buzzed us into the secure corridor and we went to our own private room and locked the door. I paid Alicia the agreed upon price and she tucked the bills away in her purse.

I was naked when I finally dropped to my knees in front of her to pull up her skirt and pull down her panties. Then I stopped. She had a beautiful cock.

Alicia fed it to me like I like to suck cock. Lots of slow in and out with plenty of time for me to use my lips and tongue. Her cock was good and hard. I fingered her ass and sucked her cock for a long time before she started warning me that if I didn't stop she would cum in my mouth. I held on and sucked. She tried to get away from my mouth, but I just held on tight and gave her the best blow job I knew how to give. Finally she came. She came just the way I like cocks to cum in my mouth. She came with individual jets of sweet cum that I had no problems swallowing. Good stuff.

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