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Tinder oral sex IMPROVED

I updated this to read a lot better. I haven't had any negative votes since I rewrote the short story. Please read and message me something dirty - I am the man in this story, but I wouldn't mind being the "boy-girl"...

I matched with a "woman" on tinder, and when I read "her" profile it said that she was a CD looking for fun. She was super attractive, and as a member of this site it's obvious I have a thing for TGs. So, one night after a lot of partying I couldn't sleep and I sent the following message that sparked this conversation:

Me: "Hey sexy"
Her: "Hey daddy"
Me: "Daddy thinks your a sexy girl"
Her: "Did you ready my profile?"
Me: "I always do."
Her: "So you know that I have a dick?"
Me: "Sorry, maybe I should have said 'boy-girl'"
Me: "I usually wouldn't respond to a match like this, but I think you're really hot."
Her: "Daddy, can I call you Daddy? I was surprised because most people usually don't read my profile."
Me: "Well, I usually don't talk to boy-girls, so if we hung out, what do you think we'd do? I'm rock hard just thinking about it?"
Her: "OMG, daddy, I think you're so cute. I was to suck your cock so bad and be a dirty little girl. What do you want to do to me?"
Me: "I want you to come to my apartment wearing a little skirt knowing that you're gonna be a dirty little girl. When you get here I want you to drop to your knees and say 'please daddy' with your mouth wide open, so I can stretch that little mouth of yours with
my thick cock and then cum all over your pretty girl face."
Afterwards there was no response, I was so horny. She eventually responded with "Send me an address and time." I told her where I was and said she had to wear a skimpy skirt. I saw her from my balcony, went down to bring her up to my apartment. As soon as she got inside, I told her to get on her knees. She was already hard and her surprisingly large cock was sticking out of her panties. I was surprised she wore such a short skirt because her cock was such that it could have easily been seen by a passerby.

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