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Three tgirls in one day

Three times today with 3 different tgirls :) wow what a day!

the first was a big Brazilian tgirl, nice large tits and very sensitive nipples that she liked to have squeezed while I sucked on her breasts or her 7" clitty For the main event she took me in 2 positions, on my back with my legs over my shoulders and then finished me off while I was kneeling on the bed with my ass up and head down She quickened her pace and reached around to make me shudder with pleasure at the end Good kisser too, a very nice time had by all lol :)

the second was a passive tgirl with a stunning body and a small clitty which she liked to have sucked Fir the main event she spread eagled on the bed and I slowly slid in and out while I kissed her her lovely titties and we kissed passionately when we paused and I just sank into her and we relaxed We went on like this for 15-20 mins and she enjoyed a nice climax by the feel of her gripping me, made me come too just the feeling of her tighten and hold me inside

the third was a post op tgirl who had an amazing collection of dildos and strap ons I chose a nice flexible purple dildo in a soft black leather harness which she modeled for me before lining me up and slowly sliding in She commented that it was pretty easy to slide in and had I been &$%#ed earlier I said yes with a big smile and she asked me what it was like I told her and she promised to make this one different and started pounding me The dildo was a lot longer than the real clitty from the first tgirl and reached a new place inside me I just built up and exploded She opted and told me I needed to clean her titties off having made such a mess I licked it all off and she seemed pleased

what a day, there is a new experience for me I felt so fulfilled by the end and really girlie in a way

I bought some tampons at a chemist and slid a few in My ass felt so open all day I just needed to have it filled and enjoyed walking around with a few tarpons inside me The feeling made me feel filled and made me recall the experiences of the day :)

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