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Theatre Date

I found the greatest place this week! A few weeks ago I was in a small town about a half hour away visiting some friends, and I noticed their town had just restored their old movie theater – the old-fashioned kind with the playbill and the marquee and the lights and everything.

They were showing movies there, and also serving tea and coffee, so I filed it away in my brain as a cool place to go to get some cool pictures – or a great place for an offbeat date!

Then my laptop died an untimely and messy demise and I met Kevin, the computer geek who repaired it. I immediately decided I had to have him.

He was a computer geek, but he had these beautiful features, perfectly chiseled, like a ’50s actor, and no amount of dorkiness could hide it. And, underneath his geeky exterior, I discovered that he and I shared a passion for old black and white movies.

He was more into the silent-movie era, and I’m more into the golden age greats, but between us we had an impressive amount of useless knowledge.

Trouble is, he was a shy one, a little reserved, and I wasn’t sure how to proceed. He seemed pretty interested in me as a friend, but I’d had no clear indications that it went any further than that.

We went out for coffee with some mutual friends, then turned that into an early dinner at a sidewalk café, and though he seemed cool with my sexuality and asked a few polite, insightful questions, I still wasn’t sure if I was on solid ground asking to see him privately.

Well, I knew I had him when I mentioned the theater, and he said he absolutely had to go. I called around to see what they were showing, and as it turns out, they were having an all-day classic movie film fest that Saturday.

I knew he wouldn’t want to miss it, so I bought us tickets, and made the arrangements. If I’d been uncertain about whether shy, reserved Kevin would go for a real date, I was corrected now. He lunged at the chance.

So there we were, in the theater. We’d noticed that the balcony section was cordoned off but not closed, and so when nobody was watching, we slipped up there like a couple of sneaky kids. The view was much better – incredible, in fact – and the old theater seats were very comfortable.

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