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The Unexpected Pleasure

Sally and her friend Caroline were lesbians and often went out for evenings together. They were close and tended to spend the night with each other if neither of them had found any one else by the end of the evening. They were both looking for something a little more than their friendship and closeness offered but they were not really sure what it was.

They loved each other as friends and could make each other come but there was not that lust and love that you get with closer relationships and that is what they thought was missing.It was a Saturday night and the girls had planned to go to a gay bar in town which they liked and often went to. They did tend to find it was the same faces there each week and although this gave them a smaller chance of finding someone to go home with at the end of the evening, it did mean they were likely to bump in to friends which was good as well.As usual they had chosen outfits for each other – Sally was wearing a short tartan skirt with a white blouse, black tie and stockings with black heels and Caroline was wearing very short denim shorts with a low cut vest and pumps.

They got quite a few admiring looks as they arrived at the bar and it was not too long until they were approached by someone they had not met before.Kirsty was about their age with long brown hair and very large lips which were smothered with shiny lip gloss to show them off at their best. Her make up was flawless and showed off her deep blue eyes. She was wearing such a short skirt that her stocking tops were showing and her top was low cut enough to show a bit of bra.

Sally and Caroline were more than happy to buy her a drink and they chatted for most of the evening and at closing time they both asked her if she wanted to come back to their place. In the end they decided to all go back to Sally's house for some more drinks. Once they got comfortable at Sally's they began to kiss each other, once Kirsty had kissed Sally, Caroline wanted to join in and soon they were both all over Kirsty, Sally kissing those great lips and Caroline had freed a breast and was enjoying its hard and large nipple. Sally and Caroline were soon naked and they were enjoying Kirsty taking in turns licking each of their nipples.

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