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The Surprise Visit

I had been chatting for some time online with a guy who said he liked crossdressers and loved getting his cock sucked. we chatted numerous nights, roleplayed online. i guess, i don't remember, but i guess i gave him my address. but i worked long changing hours. one thursdau night about 2 am i was coming home from worked, turned onto my street when i saw a strange car parked there. as i drove by its headlights came on and it pulled out following me. i parked in my driveway and watched as it slowly drove past me. i was in the house about 3-5 minutes when i heard a car door shut then footsteps on my porch. the knock on the door confirmed my greatest fears and fantasies. i opened the door still sweaty and dirty from work. i asked if i could help him, he asked to use the phone as that was the code if we ever met.

i let him in, what else could i do, he was bigger than me, dominant and a little drunk. as soon as the door closed he yelled at me to get dressed, a dress, wig and heels would do sissy slut.

i quickly dressed all the while he yelled names at me and ordered me to hurry. i came out embarassed because i usually try to look good when dressed and here i'm dirty and feeling like a fag. he ordered me to suck his cock which i quickly did, he said harder, i bobbed harder. he said harder. i rammed my throat, he said faster. i pile drove my mouth down on his cock slamming my throat like a jackhammer. he kept yelling suck it, harder.

i kept sucking. i gagged alot but that just made him yell more. he would drive his cock deep in my mouth trying to force deep throat me. i choked, he laughed and did it again. then he decided to drive. he threw me back grabbed my head and rammed his cock in my mouth. he began to roughly face fuck my mouth and throat, gagging me, choking me, calling me names. he finally came, pulled out, turned around and shoved his ass in my face and made me rim and lick his ass deep hard. fucking his ass with my tounge.

after half hour of that he resumed face fucking me a second time. all in all he abused my mouth for over 2 and half hours, came twice, made me eat his ass before dressing and leaving without a word. my mouth and throat were sore for a week.

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