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The Pop Video

I am a dancer. I love to dance and I would love to do it as a career but it is not often that I can find work. I always check the local job listings and have even travelled for work. Often it is not well paid and the travel costs are more than I get paid but because I like it so much, I tend to do the job anyway.

I have recently done a job which was more than I expected. It was advertised in the paper and said that a new pop band needed some help with filming a pop video. It sounded just the sort of thing that I liked to do so I applied and I was given a part as one of the backing dancers.

Rehearsals went really well and I felt like I was really getting the hang of things but at the last minute they cut two of us from the video. They said that they decided that they had too many dancers after all and they did pay us for the days we had rehearsed but I felt rather cross as did the guy that was cut as well.

We decided to have a drink together to commiserate and ended up in a little wine bar just outside of the studios. It was actually fun sitting outside in the courtyard with a glass of wine in the middle of the afternoon. We had a moan about the job, people and things like that, which made us both feel a whole lot better. We began to speculate as to whether there might have been a reason why they specifically cut us. I knew that my dancing skills were better than some of the others and I wondered whether word had got out that I was a shemale. I knew from experience that I had been cut from other roles for this reason and wondered if my new friend had known any similar reasons himself.

He admitted that he thought he was probably one of the weaker dancers. I agreed with him but did not tell him and tried to make him feel better. He was really interested in me being a shemale and started asking me all sorts of questions. I was happy to answer, especially as he was being curious and not rude (like some people tended to be). We had a few more drinks and the conversation all became rather fun.

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