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The Picnic

Going for a picnic was not my idea of fun. I was not a miserable person and liked being outdoors but the idea of eating on the ground where there would be ants and flies and thing like that did not fill me with joy. However, my boyfriend had promised me that it would be fun and so I took his word for it.

I agreed to go as long as we go home if we got attacked by insects and he agreed as long as he could pack the hamper. I was more than happy to go along with his plan and I got changed while he packed the things in to the car.I had trouble deciding what to wear though. I decided that I wanted to look pretty for him and so I wore a tight top which showed my breasts off really well.

They were really pert and firm, as it had not been that long since I had them done and so I could get away without a bra and the thin fabric showed off my nipples really well. Bottom half was more tricky as I knew that we might be walking in nettles and things but I decided on a short skirt anyway as I knew I looked really good in them. I would have liked to have gone without knickers but I needed something to hold up my cock if we were doing some walking and so I put on some rather pretty lacy ones which worked really well. I slipped on my sandals and I was ready to go.I was met with an appreciative look as I got in to the passenger seat of the car and showed off a lot of leg.

'Perfect', he said as he stroked my thigh and then concentrated on driving.

He took us to the edge of this woodland which I had never been to before. He explained that it was somewhere he used to go as a child and it was always very quiet and peaceful. He was always the gentleman and came round to pen my car door and help me out before getting the hamper from the boot, taking my hand and leading me to the spot he had chosen for the picnic. It was a nice long way from the road and in a little clearing surrounded by thick trees.

He spread out quite a few picnic blankets and indicated for me to sit down, which I did. He put the hamper down and then sat beside me and started kissing me and telling me how beautiful I was.

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