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The Peep Show

Alice had been to Amsterdam a few times before and had always had a great time there. As a shemale she often felt uncomfortable in certain places, talking about what she was, but here, everything was much more relaxed and she felt able to be honest with people and she found that she was more accepted.
Alice was visiting on her own this time, having in the past been with a boyfriend. Being single meant that she could have more fun and her first evening was spent in the red light district. She walked past all of the windows looking at the girls and wondering what they would think if she went in and showed them her cock as well as her amazing breasts.

She had never had the opportunity to do that before and wondered whether she might do it a bit later in the evening. She was heading towards a peep show, she loved the voyeur aspect of a peep show and paid her money to go and watch the current show.It was a woman masturbating and although this made Alice feel some stirrings in her cock she was not totally turned on by this as she felt that the girl did not look like she was enjoying it much which was a shame.

She knew that she would enjoy it much more and began to imagine what it might be like to be there with all of those people watching. She decided to see if she could organise something and after talking to the management she arranged to appear to following evening.She took a long time preparing for the evening, wondering what might be the best outfit to wear. She hadn't got that much with her and in the end decided to go shopping. She went to a sex shop and bought a leather bra with peep holes for her nipples and a matching thong which was designed for cocks as there was a hole in the front for it to go through.

She had a short skirt and blouse that she could put over the top as well as some over the knee boots. She was really excited when she arrived at the venue and got there rather too early. She walked around the red light district a bit and it got her in the mood. She was nervous and excited when she got back to the place and didn't have long to wait until it was her turn. Once she got on the stage, she wasted no time in opening up her top and showing off her bra and nipples. She didn't even need to touch them to make them hard as they were already fully erect.

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