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The party

So , we where on our way to the party that Monica had arrange for me , the party was in a motel suite on the hills , we drove for half hour , at the reception we where told to enter , some body where already there awaiting for us , we park the car and Leo indicate to go up the stairs , the place was gorgeous , big bed and a jacuzzi , a giant sofa , " go up this stairs " Leo told me , as i arrived at a terrace with swimming pool and sofas , some beautiful ts come to me and give me a hug and kiss , there where 3 of them , Nicole , Vanessa e Andrea , all 3 stunning , than a guy , Marcelo and her girlfriend Luana , so only Lucio was missing Nicole told me , but he will arrive shortly , as we where chatting and i was telling the girls how stunning they look Andrea and Vanessa grab my hands and pull me to follow downstairs , we went on the bedroom and take me out of my dress and shoes , Vanessa hand me a black dress and tell to wear it because mine was to long and as i put on my heels i realise that half of my ass was uncover , she pull out a beauty case and start to make up my face and eyes more heavy , mascara and false eyelash , a red lipstick , i see on the mirror myself , i was looking like a whore , Andrea whispered on my ear if i like what i was see , i say yes i do , in the same time Nicole was there and she told me i was really hot , and she put her arms around me and looking straight on the mirror she squeeze my nipples , i had a moment and i moan , as she squeeze again she kiss me , Leo from upstairs call us and tell that Lucio was arrived , we went up and i introduced myself as Suellen from Italy , Andrea went straight to Lucio's cock and she pull it out , a cock of 10" , the girls pull me and bend me to suck that monster cock , in the mean time the Marcelo was licking his girl pussy and Leo was sucking Nicole's cock , the party was started . As i was very busy sucking that huge cock Luana start rimming me send me out of my mind , i increase

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