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The Mood

Somehow the mood was just right. Curling up in bed with my loved one was always something which I liked to do but there was not always time to be close. This morning was different.

This morning neither of us had anything to get up for and we had both had an early night. I did not feel guilty about waking my beautiful girl by touching her.

My girl was not like other girls. She was pretty, blonde and had fantastic breasts which were always pert and very responsive nipples, which hardened at the lightest of touches. She had lovely soft skin and was very sensual. She knew exactly what to do to make me come really hard but she also had something very special which most girlfriends did not. She had a cock. It was a beautiful cock. Not too big or too small and not too wide. It was surrounded by a pair of the most beautiful balls which were neatly kept, with just a lining of soft blonde hair. She had lovely legs which were tanned and muscular and always perfectly hair free.

I have no idea how she managed to keep herself looking so fabulous but somehow she did. At the moment she was sleeping but she still looked amazingly beautiful. Her hair was around her face but still neat. She was breathing gently and looked so peaceful. I knew that she was naked as we both always went to bed naked, we found it more comfortable that way.Just watching her sleep and thinking about her was beginning to make my cock stiffen.

I just wanted to wake her up in the most fantastic way, make her think that she was having an erotic dream but it was actually me making her feel so good. I began to just gently kiss her, wherever I could reach really. Her face and neck and shoulders and then down her arms and over her breasts. She wriggled a little in her sleep but did not wake up and so I continued, moving down to her delicious breasts and and then stroking my way down her body and her legs. Her legs were together and pulled up towards her chest so I could not get access to her cock but I could run my hands over and over her rounded ass.

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