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The Meeting

I had used computers all of my life. It was something that I had always felt very comfortable with and when I got the Internet it was something which really opened my mind. Being a shemale meant that I had felt very alone and very different but the Internet meant that I could find out about other people who were similar to me and also about people who really liked people like me.

I had always been attracted to girls but many seemed to be put off by either my cock or my breasts or by both. I think perhaps it was more the shock as it was a very hard thing to explain, there was never a good moment and so it made things very awkward and it was usually just after I had told someone that they decided they would split up with me. The Internet was fantastic because it meant that I could chat to other shemales and share my experiences and get advice on the best way to deal with things. I also joined other social networking sites and made friends using them, hiding behind my computer and not mentioning to anyone who I was. It was really great being able to relax as I know that sometimes people look at me oddly and things like that and knowing that no one could see me was great.I found that I made some really good friends on line and I was soon chatting to them on a regular basis. One kept asking me if I had a web cam and I didn't so I declined their offer of talking 'face to face'. However, I did find some sites where people had web cams and they were doing all sorts of things for the . It got me rather horny, the idea of doing this, even though I enjoyed being anonymous in some circles as well.

I decided that I could perhaps be daring a perform on one of these sites, show off my body and see what sort of reaction it got. Despite being quite shy, the idea of doing this was getting me very horny and I found myself getting more and more excited about the whole idea. I think that it was because it was something that I had never done before and the whole idea of being watched while I masturbated rather turned me on, especially as I enjoyed watching others do it.

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