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The man who found the girl trapped inside

cry to him instead of hiding it... and as a 3rd graders, kids thought that throwing away a paper with bad grade on it makes the failure disappear yet the parents got detailed progress reports bi weekly...
I had a confusing year as a 3rd grader i would go to the local recreation center with my friendsand their families after school while summer was simmering down to use the swimming pools there. This particular time, I was old enough to be in the communal shower without my parent or guardian and what did this mean? I was nude in front of people. I was so modest somi covered myself, but then I saw this big hairy bearish man come barelling in. his belly nearly swiped my face as he entered the narrow door to the shower area, not noticing someone standing at 4'9" and 75 lbs. but when he noticed me he looked around then back at me but not at my face. it made me feel something powerful and full of desire and then he saw that I had a boner and said "oops" and left the area before any one saw him staring at my butt... It really was one of the most profound feelings ever having a big man look at me that way. it was exciting and made me so curious that I had to tell my uncle. He laughed at how shocked I was that I felt like a subject of sex and I felt submissive to his physical power. I didn't explain it in that way but Uncle Bill knew how feminie I was and he decided to tell that he observed that I have female
tendencies in my posture and speech. He said that some feminine males are considered to be homosexual. Some are girls trapped in boys bodies and he winked as he said that 2nd option.. I decided that from then on that I would try to figure that out. I was so scared but also felt like I had discovered a life-saving piece of information.
putting the pieces together, seeing that I had a girlier butt than most girls do. my whole extended family would joke around to my parents about how beautiful my butt was since it developed in a way that a girls prepubescent waistline gets its shape...

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