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the lollipop intro

I'd just put on a pair of really short cut offs and a cut up t-shirt that was midriff and loose on the shoulders. I was shaved smooth all over and my long hair fell over my shoulders, making me look quite femmy. I drove down the interstate sucking on a lollipop feeling sexy all over. After a bit, I slowly passed a trucker, and gave him a good look at my long legs, all the while going crazy on the lollipop. He blew his horn and motioned for me to pull over. A rest area was coming right up, so I pulled into it and walked over to a picnic table. He had pulled into the truck parking area and then joined me as I sat on the picnic table still working over my lollipop.
He was very friendly and told me what a pretty sissy I am as he ran his hand over my smooth leg. He said he knew as I rode by him that I was a sissy and that he hoped he could give me something else to suck on. He invited me to his truck and I eagerly accepted. We both got completely naked in the sleeper and he laid back as I kissed and licked him all over his chest and down to his erect cock. I was swirling my tongue around the head and then deep throating it as far as I could, then took his balls in my mouth. He stopped me and kissed me very passionately and then asked if I would lie down on my belly and let him slide his cock up and down the crack of my pretty sissy ass cheeks. It felt so good to let this man play with my body in the way he wanted to. After a bit he said he was ready to cum and he asked if I wanted it on my ass or in my face. I told him I'd love a facial and he proceeded to load my face with a very large load of cum. I felt glorious as I put my cut offs back on. I thanked him very much for the face decorations as I opened the door to get out and go back to my car. He said, " Don't you want to clean up your face first?" I just laughed a little and said to watch me. I walked right through the truck lot; through the corridor where the rest rooms are, and right down the sidewalk all the way across the parking lot back to my car.....all the while wearing a smile and his cum on my face. Then I pushed all the cum into my mouth, swallowed, and drove on down the road. What a beautiful morning!

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