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The invitation

The envelope was waiting on the mat when Jack and Sally got home from college to the small house they shared in North London. Sally scooped it and what was obviously yet another bill up from the floor and plonked them down on the table in the hall as she shrugged off her coat. The young pair were second year Biology students at a major London college and were very much enjoying the new freedom that living out could offer.

Sally was a slim girl - a British size 8 with a firm 30-22-32 body and small A cup breasts. She had light blue eyes and a pretty face which was framed to perfection by short blonde hair cut in a bob to give almost a pixie effect overall. Her boyfriend of four blissful months - Jack - loved her to distraction, as she loved him. He was a little under six feet and almost skinny - only ten and a half stone stark naked - with a trim flat stomach. A light dusting of hair covered his legs and arms.

Jack and Sally had got together at a party thrown by a mutual friend a few months previously. Both almost painfully shy, they had texted and e-mailed and eventually gone for coffee. It was only after another party at Jack's former flat where there was nowhere for Sally to sleep other than Jack's room that they had managed to get it together properly and they hadn't looked back since. Their lovemaking had gone from tentative first steps to a fiercely passionate level which had surprised each of them, and they were all over each other several times a day. Typically they would have sex first thing in the morning, putting Jack's rock hard morning glory to good use. During the day at college they would often sneak into the toilet or a changing room or storeroom for a fast, passionate, exciting and risky quickie, each enjoying the thrill of the chance of being caught. To make things easier Sally had eschewed the usual student uniform of jeans and a sweatshirt for skirts and replaced tights with stockings. That very day they had enjoyed leisurely early morning love making session as the sun rose and then had dared a quick and furious fuck in the storeroom where the chemicals for their lab at college were kept. Sally could still feel the wetness of Jack's cum which had soaked into the crotch of her pale blue cotton knickers and she smiled secretly to herself at the memory and at the sensation of the damp cotton against her still wet pussy.

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