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The first and most memorable of many

A few months ago I began to realizing that I was beginning to fantasize about having a woman with a cock. It took a few weeks of looking on the internet to find a passable Tgurl to be my first. I really had no Idea what to expect. But I know now that I could not have been luckier than I was that day. With a little flirting and picture trading by text, we decided to meet at her place. I made sure that she knew that it was my first time and I wanted to try everything, provided that I was comfortable at the time. She told me that she would take it slow with me.

I arrived and at her place both excited and very nervous. She opened the door and I walked in. Wow, that was all I could say, a beautiful woman by anyone’s standards. She formally introduced herself as Lisa. I took a moment to really look. Lisa was wearing a sexy as hell little skirt and a lacy low cut top that took full advantage of showing off those beautiful D breasts. We talked briefly in her living room before she grabbed my hand and showed me to her bed room.

We say down on the sofa in her room and talked and flirted some more. I made my first move placing my hand on her thigh and pulling her in for a kiss. Kissing and groping for only a few moments before I saw a bulge from underneath her skirt. Without any thought I lifted the skirt and for the first time ever touched a cock that was not mine. I was surprised it was so warm. I looked at Lisa and smiled. She nibbled on my ear and whispered “lick first take it slow it” with her hand behind my neck guiding my head down to her growing member. I followed her directions.

Licking around the edge of the head before taking it into my mouth. After a minuet I realized I need to be in front and on my knees to fully enjoy the experience. While moving to my new position Lisa adjusted as well taking off her top and opening her legs and leaning back into her seat. Without hesitation I began to give my first real blow job. Slowly at first, as lisa began to breath heavier and moan I went faster and deeper. Before I know it I had my lips at the base of an 8 inch shaft.

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