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I drink. A lot .
Whenever I get drunk I always wanna suck dick.

I always find myself needing a cock in my mouth. But it never happens. I will purposely take the long way home hoping i run into a guy that secretly catches me staring at his dick.

But it never happens.

In case your wondering I’m married to a female and never had any man on man experience until now.

This is the story of THE DICKS.

I don’t know about you but when I’m drunk I love fast food. There is a fast food restaurant close to where I live and one drunken night around 3:00am I found myself stumbling in there.

The seal was broken so I headed right to the bathroom.

As soon as I entered the bathroom I noticed some dude washing his hands.i assumed he just finished his business and was about to leave. So I went into the stall and did my thing.

I dropped my pants to take a quick piss, around the time I was done pissing the dude was finished washing his hands.

I figured he was on his way out so I said fuck it, I may as well rub one out.

I sat down on the toilet seat, spit on my cock and started stroking my dick.

By this time I expected to hear the door open and close indicating the guy leaving, but that never happened.

Instead I heard a tap in the door.

I said ummm can I help you.

He tapped again

At this point all the blood in my body was in my cock and without thinking I opened the door

That’s when he walked in

He was black
Really tall
Thugged out

He took one look at my cock
Dropped his pants and out came the monster

This is no exaggeration. 8 inches. And thick.

I put him in my mouth and started sucking
I did my best to get him all in my mouth at once unsuccessfully but I was happy enough to try

While I sucked his cock I was stroking my own

I told him how much I love sucking his cock
I let him know amazing his black dick felt in my mouth

I asked him to cum on my face so I can use my fingers to take it off and eat it

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