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The Country Walk

It was one of those hot and breezy summer days which seemed to be wasted inside the house. We did not have a garden and so we always tried to go out for a walk when it was weather like this. We had decided to take the car out to the countryside and have a walk in some fields where it would be quiet and fun. I packed up a picnic and we were soon both ready.John and I had known each other for a long time and had moved in together last year. We were officially boyfriend and girlfriend and had wanted to get married but because I am a shemale it made things very complicated and so we decided to just move in together and not worry about doing things legally. It was a shame in a way but we knew that we were committed to each other and would be for life and that was all marriage is about really anyway.

We had a great relationship and cared for each other, fancied each other and would do anything for each other. We were still early enough in our relationship to be pretty much all over each other whenever we had the opportunity and the day of the picnic was one where we were both feeling really horny. There was something about the heat that always did it for me. Once we drove to the countryside we took our picnic and blanket out of the car and spread it out and had something to eat. I soon found John all over me though, kissing me all over my face. It was exactly what I wanted and I responded by doing the same thing to him. We soon packed the picnic away and took advantage of the shelter the car was giving us from the road and the brick wall the other side and really began to enjoy ourselves. First he rolled on me and then me on him, our hands were everywhere, groping each other and also massaging each other and we were kissing the whole time. I was beginning to feel quite warm and soon stripped off my t-shirt to reveal my lacy bra underneath.

My breasts were big and needed a good strong bra, but I saw that as no excuse not to buy a pretty one and it was black and lacy. What I most liked about it was the fact that you could see my nipples through the lace. John liked it as well and as soon as he realised what I was wearing he was trying to lick my nipples through the material. It felt good, the licking as well as his urgency and obvious desire. It was always good to know that you were turning a man on well.

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