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The Convoy

Several years back I was driving down I-95 south through South Carolina. I was dressed in fishnet thigh highs; platform heels, g-string, bra, all black. Over it was a black zip up the front mini dress. I had a hand held CB radio so that I could hear truckers talk about me as I passed them, and I'd been enjoying that for many miles. Clearly they all thought I was a real woman, and were very appreciative of me giving them all a little road show. After a while I came up on a convoy of 6 trucks all pulling trailers from a dollar store chain. As I passed them I got some horns blowing and all but I didn't hear anything on the radio which was on channel 19. So after I passed them, I tried a few different channels and discovered that they were on 14, and yes they were all talking about me:)~ I slowed and let them all get around me so I could have another round and hear them chatter. Before I pulled out in the passing lane I unzipped the dress up a bit so that the tops of my stockings were showing and spread my legs just a bit. The chatter started right up with the rear truck telling the rest to get a good look because she's showing more leg. They were hooting and hollering and I was loving it. I passed each truck ever so slowly so they could get a real good look. Whenever there was traffic behind me I'd signal and they'd let me in until the traffic passed and i could pull back out and flash the next truck. They knew I was enjoying flashing them as much as they were enjoying the show. When I reached the lead truck, the driver was holding a piece of paper up to his window that said, "take it all off hot stuff!" Oh god I wished I were a real woman so that I could comply with that request! I let them all get back around me for round three. I took off the dress and laid it on the back seat. I pulled the g-string up tight so that my little package was well hidden. My bra was semi transparent and my prosthetics looked real through the fabric. I waited for a good stretch of no traffic coming up behind us and pulled back into the passing lane to the sounds of "all right here she comes!" Again I passed each truck slowly, this time with my hand stroking myself through my g-string which was now quite wet.

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