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The Babysitter Chapter Two

Over the next few weeks, I could hardly think of anything but the idea of wearing girly clothes and how sexy it would feel. Every house I babysat at now, I would not just go through the underwear, I would dress up in it. I began to build up quite a collection of soiled panties stolen from the women of the neighbourhood. Some I would wash and return, others I kept as souvenirs.

It began to grow beyond just panties, babydolls, bras and basques. I began completely to dress in a feminine fashion with skirts and dresses and heels on my feet. I shaved, not just the beard that I had grown to try to look less weak and more manly, but also what there was on my legs and all my other body hair including all around my cock. My messy crop of sandy blond hair, I grew out until it was shoulder length.

Of course, these changes in my appearance were noticed by my parents and their friends who hired me to babysit at their houses, but nobody ever suspected the reason for my new clean-shaven face or hairstyle. I was confident that my growing secret kinkiness was completely safe from being discovered. I only ever engaged in my fantasies of becoming a cute girl when I was in a house totally alone except for fast asleep children. I had convinced myself that whatever I did then it was alright provided nobody ever found out about it. And maybe it would have been had I never been found out, but that state of affairs was not to last.

It was another Friday, which meant that Joe and Sara were off to a party, and once again I was around at their place to babysit the kids, which, of course, really meant swanning around the house in a skirt and heels, imagining myself as the stereotypical cute teen girl babysitter.

My body was already soft and shaved from earlier on today. All I needed to do was cast aside my boring masculine clothes and slip into something altogether sexier. Fortunately, Sara had just the sort of thing I was looking for. I was pleased that she tended to dress younger than her age as I really wanted to go for a cute teen look.

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