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The Anniversary

After ten years of marriage, Anne and Edward were still very much in love. They had no children and still had a very active sex life. They tried to keep things interesting by trying new positions, techniques and playing games. They often role played and wore costumes which was a lot of fun.

However, Ann decided that they needed something even more fun as an anniversary and treat and she made some investigations into having an extra person there. She found that there were a lot of local agencies that offered this type of service and so she discussed it with her husband. They were unsure as to whether having a man or a woman would be best. They were concerned that there could be jealousy in either situation and so in the end they decided to go for a shemale. There was an agency which had such a girl, a very pretty blonde with a friendly face. They spoke to the agency, explaining that it was their first time to hire a girl and that they were not quite sure what to expect.

The agency explained their rules, costs and such and they made a booking for the night of their anniversary.When the day came, Ann cooked a romantic but light meal early in the evening so they would be ready for their visitor who they just knew as Katy. They made sure that all of the curtains in the house were closed properly as they did not want any nosey neighbours knowing what they were up to. Edward lit a fire and Ann some candles and the sitting room looked very romantic with just the flickering light. They were both rather nervous and Anne was biting her nails and Edward was pacing around a bit. When the doorbell rang they both jumped and hurried to answer it.

Their guest was dressed in a very long coat, as agreed with the agency, so no one would guess that she was not just a friend visiting. As soon as she was in the door she slid the coat off to reveal that she was just wearing a black basque, knickers with stockings and high heels. She greeted each of them with a lingering kiss and they showed her into the dimly lit sitting room.

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