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another adventure from fb i met a friend thru a relative only thing is he was playing and i was not he asked me if i would fuck this girl not to attractive but with the kind of ass i like plump,juicy u see i,m strictly top and i luv to fuck expecially ass,the bigger the better so i sent her a friend request she accepted and we talked exchanged #ers and talked somore i couldnt resist to let her know how i came to see and desire her she seemed intrigued and let me in on a secret she was a tranny,my dick instantly got hard ,call me a tranny chaser passable luv it,since i,m in another city i had to go to my home town to get with her it was the moment of truth and my dick screamed extacy when i arrived to her house i could not ignore that big horse of an ass so i moved behind while she made small talk she felt that and reached and grabbed my super hard dick sqeezing pulled my trousers down and went straight to sucking it like we talked,my god the head wasn`t the greatest but good enough,being that my passion was overflowing and dick was hard enough to cut diamonds,i wanted that ass so i coached her how i dreamt doggy spread eagle,my god soooo big soooo wide i was in heaven i slowly screwed to savior thesensation until i couldnt take it slow but she was ready and caught all 9 in of this dick,i lasted maybe 3 min damn nobody ever done that so we went round 2 and i only lasted 1 damn that was amazing but my dick was just right and that asshole was just right so we gone keep doin it oh and i unloaded a geyser on those phat asscheeks and the second was a creampie...

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