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Tf is wrong with me

Ok so not only was this a mistake. Kind of. I'm but ik I regret it but at the same I didn't. Im not gay or anything but god when it was in........So I was on meet me. And got semi catfished by this dude. On the profile he was a beautiful Hispanic female who could have been my baby mother ????????????my dick getting hard just thinking bout it. So anyway we start talking and he says can I eat your ass. Now No I was not sure if he was serious so i was like wtf ???????? then he proceeded to say he was a Tranny. Btw that was a lie. So I played along he semt a dick pick i sent my ass and he said he wanted to fuck it. This did not go like i thought it would. But either way I was like sure and ended up meeting up with him. He didn't tell me he was a cross dresser and not a real tranny. Which kind of upset me. But I really wanted his dick for sum reason. It was my first time and my god I was horny and dripping semen from my dick. I needed it and was craving it. He fucked me in the back of his BMW his 8 inches felt so fucking good ???????????? as it went from pain to pleasure he came in 2 minutes from my tight wet ads that he had lubricated all up. But I didn't want him to stop I wanted him to fuck me with out a condom and fun all in my ads. But he didn't he fucked me once more after I got him up again from a hand job and then he came again. His 8inches deep in me. All I could do was moan and scream daddy ????????????????. I wanted to fuck him back but he was bullshitting so there ended the night I went back home feeling dumb asf cause I felt disgusted in myself that I even wanted a dick in me. Like wtf was wrong with me. But now it's all I can think about. And I want to try it again. But this time the right way. ????????????

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