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Teacher Student Confidentiality

It was raining cats and dogs outside as Ms. Catherine Walker (Cat by her friends) graded her Accelerated Integrated Geometry test scores. Her was long and flowing and her sweater was purposely pulled low to embarrass the male teachers with her cleavage. Her cock twitched as she shifted her leg to a more comfortable position.
“Ohhh” she moaned
Deciding she was alone enough she freed her cock from her slacks confident that on the chance that if anybody came to her door she would have time to hide it behind her desk.
Looking up from Steven’s F she saw a group of students standing under the overhang at the school entrance. Thoughts passed through Catherine’s head with lightning quickness going from concern about their health to concern about their bodies to what she could do with their bodies to finally wondering if they could take her cock. After thinking about the last question she decided something that could quite possibly give her the greatest experience ever or get her fired and 20 years to life.
After 5 seconds of intense philosophic thought she decided 2 things, First that she didn’t become head of the math teacher’s council without taking risks and Second that chances like this only came once every 13 years and 257 days. She couldn’t however approach them while the monster between her legs so excited which left her with only one option, to make it go down and the quickest way to do that was masturbation.

Luckily for Ms. Walker she remembered to bring her custom made fleshlight to school. She had ordered it directly from Sweden and it had cost her a pretty penny as well, but it had paid for itself when no matter how many time she washed, used and abused it, it had refused to break or even tear. After getting up shutting the door and pulling down the blinds, her cock flopping all the way, she sat down at Amy’s desk. She had long fantasized about Amy when she masturbated, not unusual considering she was head of the cheerleading squad, twice national.

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