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Sucking off a stranger

When I was about 18 I started checking out craigslist in the morning before school while watching porn to help me get off. I would fantasize about meeting the people who posted but I knew I couldn't as most of them wanted to meet while I was in school or lived to far away for someone with out a car. So one day I decided ditch school and post my own ad to give a blowjob. I nervously typed out what I wanted to do and that I wanted to meet someone near me and clicked publish. It took about 15 minutes for my first real reply. He said he could come and get me then go to his house and get down to business. I agreed to this and eagerly awaited his next reply. He said we couldn't go to his house after all but could drive around while I sucked him off, again I agreed. He picked me up on the corner of my street and after some quick introductions he asked if I had a place we could go. I said there's a baseball field nearby with a big parking lot and it should be empty this early in the morning. So we arrive at the parking lot and it's empty except for some construction going on on one side. We parked as far from them as we could (not very far) then he said to get in the back seat. I got in first as he was undoing his belt and pants as he walked to the door. He sat down, closed the door, and pulled his pants to his calves revealing his flaccid 3 inch cock and a decent set of balls. I leaned over, took a deep breath, grabbed the base of his cock and guided it to my mouth. I took his whole length in my mouth then moved my head back stretching his soft cock before moving back down to the base. His cock began to harden and grow as I bobbed my head on it. When he was fully erect his cock had grown to about 5-6 inches and was very pleasant to suck on. I pulled his cock from my mouth and began to lick it all over, swirling my tongue around the head and down his shaft before sucking his balls into my mouth ones at a time. They were pretty big and I could tell they were full of cum.

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