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Subdued Keister

Curiousity got me roughed up. I'm a curious straight guy wondering what would it be like to be dominated sexually by a mature foreign guy. It got me browsing the CL site almost every night taking a chane to find that individual whose preferences match mine. Inevitably everything fell into place.
A 55 year old caucasian was seeking a slighty chubby manly-looking guy whose able to be a submissive type in the sack. Let's call him "Tom"... Tom was a 6'1 white guy visiting the country for business purposes and was looking to sneak in a bit of NSA sexual fun during his time-offs. I eagerly replied to his post and surprisingly he was very excited to have me as his bottom bitch when i sent him a nude body photo of me in the doggy position. He immediately wanted me to come over the next night to his suite so we can get to business.

My whole body seemed to tremble while knocking on the door, 3 knocks... And the door slowly opened and inside was very dim. Sudddenly I felt someone grab me by my arms, snatched me from the hall way.. Forced me to get down on my knees. Tom whipped out his semi-erect dick right in front of my face.. Grabbed the back of my head and guided it towards his throbbing cock. Since I promised Tom the greatest fuck he'll experience in his life.. I opened my mouth as wide as I can and made sure that the inside of my mouth was well lubricated with saliva so I'm able to coat every inch Tom's dick. I knew he was enjoying it 'coz I felt him being more aggressive. I fought off my gag reflex so I'm able to deepthroat that huge tool of his. When Tom felt like his dick was already well lubricated.. He stood me up.. ripped down my shorts and bent me over a chair... He told me spreadd my ass cheeks.. He then spit on my asshole and shoved his 8 inch monster inside me without any care whatsoever... The pain was undescribable however the harder and rougher Tom plowed me.. An overwhelming pleasure was taking place. He grabbed my hair and spanked my butt.. I can't contorl myself from the sensation i was feeling at the time so just went wild with it and moved for him while i held on his thighs as if to say.. "I got this, just stay still".. Tom was absolutely impressed on how I was responding as a submissive bottom.

To Be Continued...

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