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Spanish adult book store

A few years ago , when I was still experimenting with my Bi side , I went to Spain for a few days , walking round early one evening I chanced on a sex shop , .I went in and it was huge , I saw things that I hadn't anywhere else , I was in heaven.

Going further in there was a sign for theater so going through a door I found myself in the room with cubicles and little video players , I was pretty nervous but went and sat in one and started watching the films,
again the content was so sexy and new , to me , straight gay , lesbian but most of all it was the shemales, I was transfixed.
I watched for a while and then just had tot my cock out , I was wanking slowly , wanting to delay as long as possible , and inevitably I ran out of coins.
I pulled my pants up and went out , to get some more change , my cock was rock hard and I was totally horned up, at the end of the corridor there were a couple of people , when I looked closer I saw a man on his knees sucking a fellow with his pants down , I walked to the corner to see more , and noticed down this corridor were quite a few people , kissing sucking and one couple fucking ,

My heart was pounding now and I could hardly believe it , as I was staring at what was happening I felt someone standing beside me turning round I saw an older face , heavily madeup , but quite attractive , she was wearing a short leather skirt and a bright red blouse , with a very ample pair of tits spilling out , i nearly fainted on the spot.
she leaned into me and asked something in Spanish that I could hardly hear , because of my pounding heart , and I started babbling some thing back in , ahh you'r English she said in a heavy accent , I nodded like an idiot , "I love English men she said, so sexy , with that she just leaned in and kissed me.

By now I had just about composed myself , so I responded , kissing her back passionately , we kissed for a while and she reached down and put my hands on her tits , I groped and fondled her , then she started undoing my zip , my cock was totally rock hard and she couldn't get it out so easy , so she undid my belt and trousers and pushed them down a bit , "beautiful she said as she fondled my cock , I nearly spunked up there and then .

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