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Sound Sleeper

I gave Mike my keys so he could come and take care of things while I was out of town. We’re fucking, and he’d slept over several times, so I figured I could trust him to feed my fish and get my mail without ripping me off and vanishing into thin air before I came back.

When I got back I crashed, completely forgot to call and tell him I was home. I just hit the sheets and passed out. I must have slept for twelve hours straight, because when I woke up it was to the sound of someone coming in. I recognized Mike’s humming. He made his way into the bedroom, and his humming stopped when he saw me in the bed. I pretended to be asleep, just to see what he’d do.

I guess he couldn’t resist the chance to molest my helpless body.

He came in, stood beside the bed and admired me for a second or two. I like that he thinks I’m beautiful in the mornings, before I’ve brushed my hair or put on makeup. He ran a hand over my breasts, stroked my belly, my sides, pushing the sheet down. Gingerly, he sat beside me, cupped my cock in his hand, and leaned down to kiss my neck. I felt myself stiffening, coming hard in his grip.

He slid down slowly, trying not to wake me up, and started sucking me. His mouth was warm and skilled, and after several days of no action at all it felt particularly good. I moaned and stirred as though in sleep and he slowed down, eased off. He didn’t want to wake me! I almost laughed.

Mike is good, though, so very good. Soon I couldn’t hold back the shudders that ran through me. When he started getting his fingers into me, I couldn’t hold back a moan.

“How long have you been awake?” he asked, peering up at me from between my spread thighs.

“I heard your keys in the lock,” I said, and pulled him back down to my cock.

Soon he glided up my body, skimming his body along mine, mouthing my nipples before trailing his tongue to my throat, my chin, my lips. His belly, firm and flat, pressed against my cock. His hard-on pressed between the cheeks of my ass, and I hoisted my legs higher. What a way to start the day!

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