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Sofias first time

I became Sofia a long time ago when I was sharing a flat with a friend of mine, we were both straight guys and we loved fucking girls when we could get them, then one day we found some sexy womens clothes in the flat and for some reason I felt like putting them on for a laugh and almost straight away we both knew what was going to happen, back then I had a really slender body, I put on white jeans and a red bra and acted all girly and my friend just went crazy feeling my ass then moving me to my bed and slid down the white jeans and started groping my balls, I never saw him look at me that way and I didn't try to stop him it felt so good, we were both on my bed and he was behind me, he had a big uncut cock and I reached back to grab it and push it into my hole but It kept slipping out of my hand because of all of his precum that was dribbling out of it, he rubbed it up and down across my hole that was puckering like crazy then pushed hard into me, it felt so fucking good it was unreal. It didnt go in far, it was too dry, he ran into the kitchen and came back with butter, I was shivering waiting for him, he coated his cock and pushed into me straight to his balls, and my cock and balls swung back and fourth I was shooting cum the whole time, just one long orgasm. Then he came, it felt hot and wet and my toes curled. we collapsed onto the bed and lay there a long time not saying anything. Finally we started talking, staring at the ceiling and said fuck it! it was fun and nobody knew. From then on we fucked about once every two weeks and my dressing up and makeup got more and more extreme, so thats it, I've got tons of more stories if your interested---Sofia
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