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Shock and Awe

My name is Frank and I’m a decent looking Irishman in my mid 40’s. Every now and then my work takes me to London for a few days and I like to let my hair down if I can. I try and find a hotel in the Earls Court area so if the mood takes me I can visit one of the many hookers that has apartments in the area and advertise their services in local phone boxes.

Last month was one such occasion and I checked into a hotel I had booked at random on the Internet. It was a small place but comfortable and my room was ‘themed in white’, white bedspread and sheets, white sofa, curtains etc.

It was early evening by the time I’d checked in, showered and changed into some chinos and a light denim shirt. I decided to have a drink in the bar while I planned my evening ahead.

There were maybe a dozen people in the bar and the first thing I noticed was a group of four very obvious cross-dressers standing at the bar. ‘Oh great’ I thought, ‘I’ve checked into a gay hotel!’

Well what the hell I thought, it’s a free country. I ordered a beer and sat down at a table near the window. Further scrutiny of the clientele revealed that the four guys at the bar weren’t the only trannies in the room. I tried to appear nonchalant and avoided eye contact with anyone looking my way.

Then I noticed the rather stunning looking blonde lady sitting on her own at the end of the bar. Her hair was cut in a bob and she wore large hooped earrings. She was dressed in a figure hugging black cocktail dress that showed off her boobs and long legs nicely. I remember wondering if her black hose were stockings or pantyhose. She was wearing leopard skin shoes with killer heels.

Some lucky guy has a hot date I was thinking to myself when I noticed she was looking in my direction, a half smile curling on her lips and her green eyes dancing. I almost chocked on my drink, but managed to smile back and raise my glass in a salute.

Next thing I know she’s slipped off the barstool and is walking in my direction, and boy what a walk, just like a catwalk model. A moment later she had slid onto the seat next to me, crossed her legs elegantly, looked me in the eyes and said ‘Hi, I’m Carla. You look a little out of place here!’ Her voice was low but very sexy.

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