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She Wood in the Wood

"Alright, juniors and seniors to the white bus please."

Mr Jacob's voice cut above the rabble of the moving crowd. All 50 of us filed into the large vehicle, talking loudly, a mixture of excited comments and loud complaints. It was field day, which meant the whole school was going to take up an entire park, and ruin the day for the whole neighborhood. As the bus made its way through the small winding streets of our city, I glanced across the aisle to see who I was sitting near. Katie Johnson scowled back at me. A popular senior, at 18 (same age as me) she was the star of the woman's soccer team. She'd always hated me and I her. I quickly turned back and stared at the seat in front of me. When we finally reached the field, there was a mad rush to exit the cramped bus, people pushing and shoving their way out any exit they could find. The front door, the back (for emergencies only, apparently), even the windows. As my row passed Mr Jacobs, I heard Katie talking to him.

"Where are the toilets? I can't find them."

A quick circumspection proved her right. There were no restrooms.

"I'm afraid there aren't any Katie. We'll just have to make do with the woods."

Katie grumbled and wandered away. I suddenly realized I, too, had to piss. I made my way towards the other end of the field where there was a thickly forested area. As private as it got I supposed. As I entered the shade of the huge trees, I noted that all sound was almost completely cut off. Spooky. I walked a little deeper into the woods till a came to a tiny clearing and stepped inside it. There I was met with a shocking sight. Katie apparently hadn't heard me coming. She was standing in the clearing, a thick stream of urine coming from the massive cock in her hands. A cock. Her cock. It took me a second to comprehend this. In that second, Katie saw me standing there, gawping.

"Fuck!" she cursed, and quickly hid her cock inside her pants. "Ok listen you little shit. That didn't happen. You didn't see that. Ok?"

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