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She Male Tube Videos Calmed Me Down After A Fantasy I had In The Bus

I was going back home from a stressful working day. Bus was full of people and I barely managed to get into it. I was tired and stressed out and I couldn't wait to come home and do something that will relax me.

Usually, I would fill in a bath tab, drink wine and listen to the music. This time I was in a mood for some porn she male tube videos. I needed something that will take away my energy, so I was rushing home to do my thing.

I would sit back in my chair, play freshly uploaded she male tube videos and jerk off my penis, until I cum. I loved watching those scenes where two shemales would fuck each other hard. One of them would bang the other while jerking off her penis and holding her breasts.

A lot of people was around me and I could barely move. All of a sudden, I felt that someone has been breathing into my neck. That bothered me at first, but when I turned around, I saw a beautiful man standing behind me. I smiled and he did the same.

Someone probably pushed him when I felt his hands on my hips and his hard dick against my ass. I wanted us to be alone there, because once I felt his stiff cock, I wanted to take off his pants and suck his dick until he cums all over me.

I wanted him to lift up my skirt, touch my penis and fingers my ass. Then, he would bend me over the seat and stab his hard member into my already wet ass. I would feel his penis raising inside of me, while he fucks me harder and faster.

I would feel it coming and I would quickly pull it out of my ass and stick it into my mouth. I would suck and swallow his entire sperm and make him scream out of pleasure.

When I turned around, that guy wasn't in the bus anymore. I got out on the next bus stop and rushed home to fulfill my needs with she male tube videos. I wish I could nail that guy, it would be the sex of my dreams.

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