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She Male Sex Stories

I Lived Just Like Characters From She Male Sex StoriesWalking the streets as a true shemale lady is not always easy. People have prejudice although, at the same time, you can see that those same people would fuck you in a second if they knew that nobody would find out.
Something similar happened with Frank. I guess he read his share of she male sex stories.He knew that I was a little bit more than a girl and we started being friends because he loved to listen all of my she male sex stories. One thing led to another, and soon enough, Frank asked me if he could watch as I service a customer.
I said it was OK, but I had to check with a customer first. You know, lots of those guys don’t really take pride by the fact that they like to take a shemale dick up their ass.

As soon as I had a client who didn’t mind being watched, I phoned Frank and told him to come over. He was a bit late so, once he arrived, me and my client were already naked and getting it on. We were doing it in a 69 position. I was gagging on this guy’s huge dick as he was licking my balls, driving me crazy with pleasure. Frank didn’t say a word. He just sat on the chair in the corner. The guy came hard in my mouth, but his bonner didn’t wear off a bit! He was my regular and I knew that he never went home before he had at least two unloads.

He asked me to stand up against the wall.As I was approaching the wall, I noticed that Frank’s hand was inside his pants and that he was jerking off. I can’t say that I was surprised, but I didn’t really expect it to have such an effect on me. As my client was pounding me from behind right there against the wall, all I could think of was Frank’s huge cock. I know he wanted it too, so as soon as my client left, Frank was already inside me. We waited for this to happen for so long so the desire was too strong and both of us came so fast. Ever since, I’m done with living the she male sex stories. I have Frank now.

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