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She became He

The day started as normal, wake up get dressed, have breakfast,but today was going to be anything but any normal day.

I decided that i would take the day off work and visit a local sex cinema,i had never been to one before and was a bit aprehensive but i thought sod it let's just do it.

Upon reaching the cinema i stopped as my heart started to race,after a minute or so i carried on in and paid my money and went inside.

I took my seat about 3 rows from the back there were a few people inside but not too busy,anyway after about 15 minutes of the film and with my cock starting to throb i slowly started rubbing myself through my jeans,this was like a beacon sign as almost instantly a good looking woman came over and fell to her knees while putting one finger over my mouth as if too say shhhhhhh,she undid my jeans and took them down to my ankles she then slowly made her way up my legs to my by now bulging cock and slowly took it in her mouth taking the full length in slow but deliberate strokes.

I thought god this is too good to be true as she carried on like this for a good 5 minutes or so,all of a sudden without prior warning she slipped a finger into my ass,WOW i thought this girl knows what she is doing,as she was sucking and fucking my ass i thought I really wanna fuck this girl so i pulled her head towards mine,in the darkness we started kissing and our tongues were working hard against each others,but for some strange reason every time i went to play with her pussy she stopped me and held my hands.

By now we were both worked up beyond belief so she took het panties down and started gently guiding my cock into her ass her back facing me it felt so good,we both let out sighs as we felt us both push against each other,as she was slowly sliding up and down on my cock she took my right hand and bought it round to place it on her stockinged leg,as she took her hand away i slowly started to move my hand up towards her crotch,when i got there i had the shock of my life as she actually turned out to be a he well turned out to be a C/D as it happened,my instant reaction was one of horror but i then thought hang on this is exactly what I had dreamt about so many times fucking a C/D,with that i proceeded to take his cock in my hand and wank him slowly as he rode my cock.

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