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Sex Ed Chapter One

My husband and I had quite an open marriage. We were both fairly sexually adventurous and this was reflected in how we both considered it to be ok for us to be going out and sleeping around, provided we were completely honest about it and came home and told the other one all about it. In fact, after a while, we found that this recounting of our bedroom exploits with other people became such a turn-on in itself that it fuelled even hotter sex between us. We also liked to spice things up by inviting other people into the bedroom with us for threesomes. These were, however, always women. Now, I've always had my slight lesbian tendencies, indeed I've often been of the opinion that the female body is a thing of far greater beauty than the male, many of my own sexual adventures had been with other women, so it wasn't like I didn't enjoy the pleasures of sharing my husband with a hot girl.

But still it frustrated me that we could never get another guy involved, my husband was so insecure about his sexuality. This, of course, just made me fantasise even more at the thought of him sucking on a big, fat cock or being taken from behind. I knew that he would love it, every time I told him the stories of the nights I'd spent with other men, how I enjoyed sucking them off, when I described the feel of their cocks sliding inside me, he got such a hard-on I could tell he wanted it. Naturally, when I brought this up, he got even more defensive and masculine and no way would he agree to my suggestion to bring another man into the bedroom. So, I had to content myself with girls.

One night, when my husband was out of town, I went out to a bar where I knew a lot of loose, slutty, often bisexual or just curious women hung out. I sat at the bar and bought myself a drink and turned to check out the talent. One woman in particular caught my eye. There was something about her that looked familiar but I just couldn't place at all where I knew her from. Unlike some of the other women here who were flaunting their wares, she appeared a little shy and awkward, but this didn't make her any less sexy.

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