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Sally Meets a Friend

Sue was furious and upset
‘I don’t know what yet but you are going to pay big time for this. I want you out of the house for a week. I don’t care where you go but it had better be well away from me and, Oh, you will stay dressed as Sally for the whole time. No mens clothes at all. Do you understand?’

Sally just nodded her head and wept softly. Sue left the room and there followed a lot of banging and stamping. She returned a few minutes later and literally threw a case out of the front door. ‘Now get out while I think about what I am going to do to punish you for your behaviour.’

Sally ran out of the house, just remembering to pick up her car keys and drove off.

She was in a real state and wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. She had a credit card – in her male name – and her laptop. Otherwise she was on her own. After driving for what felt like hours she pulled in to a phone booth, rang a local hotel and booked a room under the name of Sam. She paid in advance by credit card. So at least now she had somewhere to stay. When she got to her room she opened her lap top to check her mails and there was another contact from her a long time friend and ally Sarah. In her sad state Sally contacted her and they arranged to meet in a local café. They had never actually met as their friendship had only been nurtured over the internet but Sally felt comfortable enough to meet in public.

Sally showered and changed and went to meet her friend. It was only a short walk as it was getting dark Sally was quite confident about being seen out. It shows how much she has changed in a few short weeks that she is comfortable dressed and prepared to be seen in the open. She arrived at the café and found a secluded table in a quiet corner. Sarah arrived a few minutes later and they new instantly that they had found who they were looking for.
There was none of the usual ‘I wonder if that is she’ type moments. Sarah was just as she had described herself. Only standing about 5ft 4in / 5ft 5in but a lovely slim size 8. She looked younger than her 24 years, she had longish shiny dark hair to just below the shoulders, dark brown eyes and full lips.

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