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Road trip in India

Well as it happened i had to go out of town for some work and since i was travelling alone in my car i carried my bra n panty with me. i had to go to delhi and i got free around 9 pm and i started the drive back to my place abt 3-4 hrs drive on the way ii stopped on the out skirts of Delhi on a dark road and went behind bushes and wore my bra and put soft cloth pads in it then i wore my lace panty and put my jeans back on . on top i wore my t shirt which was now tight coz of the fake boobs( i wear bra size 38 D so i can get big boobs shape) and i was feeling so horny i just masturbated in the road side.
then i got back in car and put on the AC and rolled up the windows ( light tints ) so if i got in traffic no one will notice a guy having boobs.

On the way i had a beer ( i drank too fast ) n again i was horny i jus wanted the 1st guy i met to fuck me , i thought maybe i will get lucky late in the night n i removed my pads n bra n with t shirt on i went to a chemist and purchase a pack of condoms. i had another beer before moving on and wore my bra n padded it again

i drove for about an hour n a half

then i passed a restaurant at around 11 pm where i usually stop for food, it was closed but the washrooms are on one side and always open 24hrs. seeing no one is around and restaurant is closed i thought i will go in as i am ( that is dressed as a girl ) into the ladies toilet .

i parked the car in a corner where there was no street light and again i checked around- no one . i got out of car and i was suddenly very scared but tht made me so horny. i looked around i thought i saw some movement in a corner of the building , i waited for a few minutes but saw nothing then i went towards ladies toilet and decided to go to gents toilet only just in case some one came and relieved my bladder.

i was so excited i forgot to check before coming out and as i opened the door the watchman was standing right in front of me . i got so scared i was almost trembling and thinking what to do .
his spontaneous reaction was ' Namaste madam" that made me feeling a little less nervous thinking he did not reconise tht i am a guy. But then i noticed he was staring at my face and my boobs. he was a guy around 27 yrs old i think clean shaved and not the typical watchman but an average looking guy.

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