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It’d been a while since I’d last been out and had some fun. My relationship with James had broken down, and I had decided to move on. I went back to the string of websites and apps that I had previously used and had a look around for a few casual encounters. Soon enough I found someone, they hadn’t revealed too much online or on their chat. Eventually we agreed to go get coffee and meet up.

I went for a dress to impress look with a hint of playfulness. I pulled out some split crotch tights and a small tartan skirt, teamed with a tight fitting blouse. Underneath lay a small red team of silky bra and panties with lacy trim. The padding in the bra was just enough to fill the breast of the blouse. I chose a dark red wig and a similar tone of lipstick. After my usual process of shaving and smoothing, I slid the tight, shiny panties over my legs and felt the tingle as they settled on my little girl cock. The rest of my outfit was a formality and the red wig hung down to just past my shoulders. I walked into town and found my way over to the coffee shop where he said he’d be waiting. My red converse trainers tapped away on the cold cobbles of the square.

I pushed the door of the cafe open and spotted him sitting over in the corner, I held my poise and walked over to him. Sliding into the seat I smiled as the soft velour of the chair tickled my smooth and exposed legs under the short skirt. I tugged it down a little to conserve the little modesty it offered. We went through the usual formalities of chat and politeness and then he invited me back to his. He was nice enough. About 5’10” with longish brown hair and slight afternoon shadow. He wore a thick shirt and some well worn jeans over a pair of boots. I accepted his offer and we walked off to the car park and we got in to his car and headed for his house.

He drove out into the country side and we pulled in at a small farm house with a tiny small holding attached. He pulled up by the house and walked round and held the door for me.

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