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Randy Candy

I’m not usually into walking the streets but I found this day was too damn hot to work indoors. There is nothing worse than feeling stuffy whilst a guy is up his balls in my ass. The enjoyment quickly disappears for both of us when that happens. So when I had a call from a guy called Rod who wanted me to pretend I was walking the streets so he could pick me up, I had didn’t think twice about it and agreed almost immediately.

He wanted something a little different so I was able to deliver. Apart from his obvious excitement with being blown by a shemale, there was not the added bonus of finding me walking the streets in the busy afternoon rush.

I looked in the mirror making sure everything was in place before heading out to meet up with Rod. I looked perfect for him. Short skirt with a pair of bikini bottoms underneath the ones that have little ties at the side so all he has to do is pull for instant release and easier access. My mousy coloured hair hung down to my waist and I had to admit in this short skirt I was impressed with how cute my ass looked.

Feeling really horny I was looking forward to meeting with Ron. I did make it quite clear that I don’t make it a habit working outdoors so this was relatively new to me. I found it was having a wonderful affect on my cock and the test was to see if I could control it and not blow at the wrong time… before I met with him.

We’d already agreed on how much my little tip was going to be and with that in mind and the tingling in my balls I was ready to do a little role-playing and seduce him in the streets.

It was felt really strange for a hot busy day walking along The Esplanade to find it wasn’t all that bad. There were lots of people strolling along looking out over the water so when Ron walked up to me and asked me how much for a blow job we weren’t attracting too much attention to ourselves. After a few moments of titter tat, I took his hand and led him to the back of a building where I knew it was a little shaded but we could still hear people walking by which helps with his fantasy.

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